Boab beats the odds

Kings Park’s magnificent boab tree, Gija Jumulu, stands proudly on Mt Eliza overlooking the junction of the Swan and Canning rivers.

It’s hard to believe that just over 10 years ago it was still happily growing where it had been for the previous 750 years – in the Kimberley in the far north of Western Australia.

Gija Jumulu in the Kimberley, just before being moved. Photo: Patrick Courtney

Delegates to the Australasian Botanic Guides Conference will get the opportunity to hear Kings Park’s Manager of Horticultural Development, Patrick Courtney, tell the fascinating story of how and why Gija Jumulu was transported 3200km on the back of a truck to Perth.

It’s a great story of perseverance against the odds, of things not going to plan and unexpected help along the way.

Gija Jumulu arrives in Perth in July 2008. Photo: M. Griffin

The tree is a gift to the park by the Gija people and is a living testament to the skill and dedication of our Kings Park horticulturalists.

Look for The Gija Jumulu Story when choosing your conference options.

Ten years on, Gija Jumulu is thriving. Photo: Dave Blumer