Fascinating fungi

It comes as no surprise that Kings Park Guide Roz Hart’s fascination with fungi began under the ground.

As a university student Roz was a keen caver, and the caves in Boranup Forest in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park in the south of Western Australia were her particular favourites – not only because of the stalactites, but because the surrounding forest contained fascinating fungi.

Delegates to the conference will get the chance to be enthralled by Roz’s passion for fungi by attending her talk, Don’t Forget Fungi, or joining her Finding Fungi afternoon walk. Or of course you can do both.

As an added dimension, Roz will use Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance her walk.

Roz Hart leads Guides on a fungi walk in Kings Park. Photo: Chris Olney

“Many people are unaware of the important role fungi play in maintaining biodiversty,” Roz said. “They are out of sight and out of mind.

“Fungi are vital. If we lose the fungi we would lose most of the plants in the world. People know you can eat fungi, but the part we eat is just the fruiting body, the main mass of the fungus is underground.”

Roz’s photo of a Scarlet Bracket Fungus in Kings Park.