Help keep myrtle rust out of WA

Myrtle rust is a serious disease that attacks and kills many plants belonging to the Myrtaceae family including eucalypts, bottlebrushes, paperbarks and peppermint trees.

This fungus is not established in WA and poses a great risk to trees and shrubs.

Myrtle rust, caused by the fungus Puccinia psidii, was discovered in Australia in April 2010 in a New South Wales nursery. It has now been detected in Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

Wind disperses myrtle rust spores but wind alone is unlikely to carry them across the desert which separates WA from the Eastern States.

However, the tiny spores are highly transportable and can stick to clothing, hats, footwear, vehicles and equipment.

Please make sure you clean all clothing, vehicles and equipment carefully before entering WA.

Further details:

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