A packed program

You can find the full program for the 16th Australasian Botanic Guides Conference by clicking on the program button.

As well as plenary sessions, delegates can choose from 18 walks with enticing names such as A scoundrel, a statesman and Edith -featuring a convict, Sir John Forrest and Edith Cowan – Nature in art, Banksia bonanza, Finding fungi and Bizarre botanicals.

More than 70 Kings Park Guides have spent over a year developing these special walks.

A PDF of the program and activities can be downloaded and printed. Descriptions of the activities will not be on the registration website so it is a good idea to choose your options before registering.

Registration is $395 plus $80 for the Sunset Soiree on Thursday September 19, which includes food and alcohol. Partners’ registration is $100 which includes the opening and closing functions and a bag with information on what to do around Perth.

Registration is now open exclusively for interstate and overseas delegates. Kings Park Guides will be invited to register from mid June.

The delegates meeting is included in registration. It is scheduled for Thursday, September 19 as Activity #4 at 11.15 am.

Each botanic garden can to nominate ONE representative for the meeting to decide which garden will host the 2023 botanic guides conference.