Trail-blazing scientist to be keynote speaker

Kings Park Guides are delighted to announce that Professor Kingsley Dixon will be the keynote speaker at the 16th Australasian Botanic Guides Conference in Perth in September.

Professor Dixon’s collaborative work on the identification of the specific chemical in smoke that causes seeds to germinate finally explained why the Australian bush blooms after fire.

He was named WA Scientist of the Year in 2016 in recognition of his work in conservation science, restoration ecology and plant science, fundamental to conserving threatened species.

Professor Dixon was foundation director of the world recognised research facility at Kings Park and Botanic Garden – the Biodiversity Conservation Centre -which now boasts more than 50 scientists and students.

His programs emphasise ‘science into practice’ and he has secured more than $24 million in the last decade by developing industry partnerships. He has worked closely with the WA mining industry to promote excellence through science in mine site rehabilitation.

“As a passionate gardener, wildflower enthusiast and avid nature lover, when I became the research botanist at Kings Park and Botanic Garden it was a dream come true,” Professor Dixon said. “For 32 years I enjoyed an amazing time working with the fabulous gardeners, curators and research scientists at Kings Park.

“Today, though a full time research academic at Curtin University, I continue to work with the world of botanic gardens on different research projects from seed science to orchid biology.”

Kingsley Dixon’s thought-provoking lectures combine science and field experience with his passion for nature and make him a speaker in great demand.